How to Move in Cold Weather

If you’re planning a winter move, there are a couple things you’ll definitely want to know before doing so. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! If you’re moving during the winter make sure to follow these five tips to keep yourself from the chills!

1. Clear walkways.

Having unsalted walkways can cause them to be dangerously slippery. If you’re moving locally it’s also a good idea to make sure your new home has been cleared. It’s a good idea to clear your new place’s walkway a day before moving. If you’re moving long-distance, make sure to have your real estate agent check out the property for you.

2. Make sure there is parking.

Regardless of the time of year, you should make sure there is enough parking space for a moving truck to be parked. This means you may have to pay the neighbour’s kid to shovel out the back alley so a moving truck can fit in without worry.

3. Check the forecast.

Check the forecast for the day you’re planning your winter move; this will give you a better idea on what you’ll need with regards to supplies. If a blizzard is scheduled to hit, it might be a good idea to get the moving truck loaded a day or two early and stay in a hotel. If a storm does blow in unexpectedly, make sure to have a back-up-plan.

4. Heat and electricity

Make sure before you move during the winter that you have the heat and electricity set up and turned on at your new place. Houses take a while to heat up and you don’t want to spend your first night in a new place trying to keep warm while the furnace gets going. Also, make sure to check in with the people taking your place; they will probably want the same courtesy extended to them.

5. Plan your route carefully

Movers are seasoned with winter moves, so they will probably know the best route to your new place. Ask them what route you should be driving. Also make sure to have all emergency equipment on hand: spare tire, flashlights, blankets, cell-phones, etc.

If you need more advice for you winter move, feel free to browse our blogs and take in the useful information. And if you’re looking to move this winter, don’t hesitate to contact us about scheduling your move.

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