When you are planning your Aurora move, you may end up finding out that you can’t take everything with you. Whether it is because you are moving to a smaller place or you are planning on replacing furniture when you get there, the question is what to do with that old furniture that you can’t take along.  Here are some ideas for getting rid of that unwanted furniture so that you don’t have to move it or pay for a bulk trash service to come pick it up for you.

Start with a Good Clean

Regardless if you are going to give it away, sell it or donate it to charity, you are going to need to clean it up before you do anything else. After a good deep cleaning you may find that there is nothing wrong with it and you can take it with you after all. 

Start by tightening up anything that might be loose. That chair wobble might just be a screw on the bottom that has worked its way free. Next give it a good wipe down and clean. For cloth furniture, use a pet hair attachment for your vacuum cleaner to remove all traces of your furry friends. If you have access to one, a steam cleaner is a great way to get rid of deep down stains.

Finally, if you find that it just won’t come clean or has some serious issues, you might want to call a special service that can take it off your hands and repair it.  While they may not pay you to take it, you probably won’t have to pay them either.

Thrift Store Donations

Most thrift stores love to get donations of furniture. It is a great way to get discounted items to people who need it and give money to a good charity. Don’t be satisfied accepting only the few options you might get from friends and family. There are many non-profits out there that accept furniture. Look around on the web to see if you can find one that best suits you and is willing to take your furniture off your hands.

Contribute to the Arts

Another great place to donate furniture is to theater companies. Many theater companies have limited budgets for building sets and can use pieces to enhance their selection of props for on stage. Call around to local city theaters or even schools that regularly put on productions. They may be happy to have your unwanted furniture.

Web Ads

Think about using a web service to get a little cash back for it. Many college students or people looking to start in a new home are looking for furniture on the web and will be willing to take it off your hands for a few bucks.

Once you get rid of all of your unwanted items, contact your Aurora moving experts Bradford moving for help in getting you to your new home.

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