Moving in TogetherIt is the season of love and this week we thought we’d focus on the lovers with a post to help make life a little easier when you make the decision to take things to the next step: moving in together! We’ve compiled a list, so before boxing everything up check out our ultimate guide for couples moving in together!

  1. Take a good look at your stuff. Everything you both own doesn’t necessarily need to make the move – after all, no one really needs to have 2 of everything. Save on space, whether you need to or not, by donating, selling, or tossing that which is not being kept!

Important Tip: We get that some of the stuff your partner is intent on keeping isn’t exactly what you had in mind for your new place, but we suggest gentle suggestions and respect for sentimentality rather than ultimatums. And in the end, just remember, you probably have a few ‘questionables’ of your own, so compromise can be key.

  1. Sort out your ‘couple’ finances. If bank accounts are not joint, make sure to divvy up those monthly payments and decide where money will come from for each bill. This conversation should be had early. Set a budget too – this will help keep finances straight and can actually help save a lot of money (especially since you will likely be splitting costs and not buying duplicates now).
  1. Make a pre-moving checklist. Create a map to help determine which furniture will go where. Make sure you’ve got everything covered to make moving day go off without a hitch – and without the inevitable “oh no, did I forget this?”
  1. Establish some ground rules. Before making the move, set up some guidelines. Who is cleaning the toilet? Who will do the cooking? Making sure that laundry is put in the basket and not left on the floor and that the toilet seat is put down are just a few of the things that may need to be addressed before move in day. Divide and conquer is often the best approach – but establish this early.
  1. Hire a moving company. When it comes to moving, whether as a family, a single or a couple moving in together, a great deal of the stress related to a move comes from having to physically move everything. Save yourself the stress by working with a moving company – one that can get the job done efficiently.

When you decide that moving in together is the right step, there are a few things to think about – and when it is time for the move to take place use this guide to help make this transition a smooth one.

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