It happens gradually; you accumulate little things as you go along, whether on your own or as gifts, and before you know it your house is full of things that you don’t use very often, but that you don’t want to get rid of, and many of these things are stored on shelves, in boxes tucked away, on counters, or various other areas around your home. Want some help organizing this clutter? We’ve got some great home organization tips to make this an easy task.

  1. Invest in a few floating shelves. These can be a lifesaver when it comes to storing things from view. They also look good (bonus). Use attractive boxes or baskets to store those items that don’t need to be visible or are taking up space.
  1. In the living room and bedroom, consider low-profile baskets that can fit underneath bigger pieces of furniture – the ones that are off the ground. Not only will baskets look nicer than rubber bins, you can take everything from on top of the table and hide it away.
  1. In the kitchen, take everything out first and then put it back in according to how often it gets used. If something is used on a regular basis, put it within easy reach. If it isn’t used very often, put it at the back or on the highest shelves. And, if it is never used, this may be a good way to motivate yourself to get rid of some stuff. Also, consider a pot hanger to free up extra drawer space and create a visual focal point.
  1. Divide drawers. You might be surprised how much more you can fit in a drawer when it is organized – and this also makes things much easier to find. Ice cube trays from the dollar store can be perfect for this, or even those plastic containers that are missing their lids.
  1. Rent a self-storage unit. When the boxes and containers start to pile up, sure they are organized, but if you don’t have the space to store them a storage unit can be a great home organizational tool. Out of site but not out of mind, a storage unit frees up that space and declutters your home in one shot.

Home organization can be a pain, not only because it seems like a major job, but also because, when space is limited, it can seem like a fruitless endeavour. Use these home organization tips to clear that clutter and make some extra space without having to toss what you really want to keep.

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