Getting ready to move? There are a ton of things to think about before you get set to pick up the keys – and one of the most overwhelming can be the move itself. And not only is this overwhelming, it can also be costly – on both your pocketbook and the planet. Eco-friendly and sustainability are two buzz words heard everywhere these days, and this Toronto Moving Company wanted to weigh in with our tips for an earth conscious move.

    1. Paper versus plastic. The most common moving supply? Boxes of course. Unless you want to just throw everything into the back of the truck, you can’t really do without these. That being said, you can do things a little differently by renting plastic bins. Think about it this way: a cardboard box can be reused, but how many times? 3? 4 is pushing it. But they can be recycled, so there is that. Still, a plastic bin can be reused hundreds of times – and with these you don’t ever have to worry about tying them up or getting rid of them afterwards – just stack them and call for pick-up!
    2. Pack smart. Whether you use cardboard or plastic, your stuff needs to make its way into some kind of container. Packing materials can make for a really unfriendly move – but again, you can’t just gingerly place a crystal vase in a cardboard box and hope for the best. Packing possessions in tight will help protect them, especially if you use some form of protective barrier to keep things from moving around during transport. But step away from the styrofoam – try paper or moving blankets instead.
    3. Less is more. Re-evaluate those possessions. Sifting through clothes, old toys, duplicate items, furniture that isn’t being taken, etc. is often inevitable, even if you are not downsizing. And if it isn’t – maybe it should be! Instead of just tossing that stuff (or paying to take it to the dump), think about how you can get rid of it the eco-friendly way. Perhaps this means having a garage sale (although December may not be the best time to offer up this advice) or donating it to a local shelter or to Goodwill.  Or if you have time, throw an ad up on a site like Kijiji or take advantage of
    4. Cut your carbon footprint.  If you have a mountain of stuff to move, taking 25 trips to the new house isn’t exactly ‘green,’ is it? And not only is this an environmental enemy, it can really do a number on your wallet. Try consolidating by renting a truck to take it all in one or two loads, or hire a Toronto moving company. When loading the truck, make the most of the space by packing things in tight (this also helps to protect your possessions). Just be sure to load the lighter boxes on the top!
    5. New house, new habits.  Think about the move as a fresh start in every way. Most people recycle nowadays (and those who don’t tend never to admit it), but organic waste recycling is still not as popular – so what better time to start than now. Buying new appliances for the new house? Why not go with an energy efficient option. Don’t cheap out on light bulbs – go with energy efficient here too. Think about all of the ways in which a new home means new habits when it comes to sustainability, and you’ll likely be saving some money too.

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