Moving involves having your items scattered over at least two homes, cars and trucks. Even a short New Tecumseth move might mean having several people who have access to your home and belongings. This is a vulnerable time that many thieves will take advantage of. Protect yourself during your move by keeping these tips in mind to keep your belongings safe.

Hang on to Your Valuables

Jewelry, important documents, financial information and other important items should be kept with you at all times. If you are driving a truck, keep a lock box with your valuables with you. The same applies if you are driving your car. Keep anything of high value as close to you as possible to prevent someone picking up and making off with it.

Keep Labels Simple

If you label a box “living room expensive electronics,” odds are that is going to be the first box a thief makes off with. Keeping your labels simple with just the room on them can prevent thieves from easily identifying what is in them. Use a numbering system or post an inventory list on the inside of the box instead of putting a content label on the outside.

Keep up with Property Maintenance

If your home looks like no one is living there, it is a much more likely target than if it looks occupied. If you have bought your new home and are waiting to move in or if you are still waiting to sell your old home after moving, remember to keep up on the outside maintenance. Even if nobody is there, it gives the illusion that there is someone living in the home. This is a deterrent to not only thieves but vandals or anyone else who might try to wander into a vacant home.

Consider a Home Security System

Even if you plan on moving into a safe neighborhood you could be the target of thieves or intruders. Having a home security system installed even if you only plan on using it for a short time is a great way to prevent unwanted intrusions into your home. Some security providers will even provide discounts for moving services from an existing home to a new one. If you currently have a home security system you may qualify for this type of discount.

Keep Doors Locked to Control Access

Throwing all doors and windows open during a move is tempting for convenience sake. It is also an invitation for anyone who might come into your house with less than good intentions. Control access to your new home during your move by only opening the doors and windows that you need to have open and keeping everything else locked. This lets you control who is coming in and out and allows you to monitor access to your home.

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