Are you planning on moving soon? Then you might want to consider using a storage unit to help you when you move. Storage units are a great way to help with your move timing, storing items that have already been packed up and also keeping things long term until you need them.

If you do plan on using a storage unit, then you may want to read on to find out some way to make the most out of your storage unit.

Don’t Short Change the Lock

Security begins right at the front door. That is why you want to have the strongest lock that you can get. While there are plenty of low cost alternatives that will get the job done, will they really protect your stored items in the long term?

You also want to make sure that your lock can stand up to the weather that is going to be thrown at it. Rain, wind and snow will all take its toll on your lock. Get the sturdiest one that you can to ensure that you won’t have to cut it off because it has rusted shut.

Plan your Space in Advance

It can be very tempting to just get the biggest space possible and load your boxes and items in seemingly at random. If you do that you could be wasting a lot of space and wasting money as well. If you take some time to plan out just where your things are going to go and what you are going to be storing in your unit you might find that you can go with a smaller unit and be more efficient with your space. A little planning can go a long way.

Think Ahead about the Climate

Remember that weather is going to be a factor with your storage unit, particularly if you have one that is not climate controlled. This means that in the winter things are going to get very cold and in the summer things will get very warm. If you have items that are stored that are sensitive to drastic temperature changes you may want to think ahead and store them somewhere else.

The alternative of course is to get a climate controlled space. This can add a little expense to your monthly storage bill but it will be small compared to the cost of replacing your items.

Don’t Forget the Labels

Odds are that you are going to have a lot of boxes and containers in your storage unit. If you need to find something quickly you don’t want to have to hunt through every box that you have stored. Some small amount of timing labeling up front can save a lot of time eventually. Make sure your labels are located where they can be easily read.

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