Outgrowing the size of a house is a major reason given for wanting or needing to move to a new home. And while that ‘growth’ comes in the form of extra family members, who will undeniably need more living space, very often people will move at least in part due to the fact that they run out storage space.

Whether we live in a condo, small house or giant mansion, the unfortunate truth is that we are all almost always looking for more space in our homes. It seems that no matter how much space we have, we find ways to use all of it.

So we’re usually pretty happy when we find new places to store stuff. And there are more of those places in your home than you think. Here are just a few ideas of how you can find and use more storage spots all over your home.

1. Above Bedroom Doors

Bedrooms are always a great place to have more storage, bit for our clothes and personal belongings. There’s a lot of storage space ready for the taking just above your bedroom door. All you need to do is build and/or install a shelf to use it.

2. Under Your Washer & Dryer

If bending down to load and unload clothes is a pain in the back, then build a simple pedestal for the machines and install drawers underneath them to start using all that space.

3. Below Shelves

Particularly in your linen closet, you are probably not using all or even most of the space available. And the vast majority of the available space will be just below each shelf. The really good news is that, by adding bin storage under each shelf, not only do you use more of your storage space, but you instantly create a way to separate the smaller items in your linen closet from larger sheets and towels to make everything easier to access.

4. Inside Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The kitchen could always do with more storage and lots of it is sitting just inside your kitchen cupboard and cabinet doors. You can take advantage of all of it simply by adding a door-mounted bin and/or hooks to accommodate a number of different items.

While none of these tips might find you enough storage to change your mind about needing to move, they will definitely make it easier to organize your home and find things faster.

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