If you are looking for Georgina movers it might not occur to you that movers can do more than just pick up and carry your items to your new home. One of the most helpful services that Bradford Moving offers is packing. Having your items packed for you might cost more money, but in the long run can save you a bundle in time as well as the cost of replacing items.

Packing Is Hard

Packing might seem like a time consuming task, but is generally never thought of as something that is difficult to do. Truth is, packing is probably the hardest part of the move.

Knowing how to throw clothes, pillows and books into a box is easy. What about that oddly shaped mirror that has been in your family for four generations, or Grandma’s china? Figuring out how to pack fragile items and oddly shaped items is challenging. To do it properly takes experience, which can be the difference between picking the right box to pack that mirror in or just tossing some pads over it and hoping for the best as you wedge it into the truck.

Savings of Time

Coordinating a move takes a lot of time and effort. All the moving parts need to line up in a row so that they can come together at the right move day. This means that time you could be spending figuring out where your mail is going to end up gets sucked up trying to figure out who has a sale on boxes that day.

Those time savings can also translate to money in days that might be lost at work. At the very least, it might cost you vacation time. Finally, when you pay for a moving service to do the packing for you, the job is done on the date it needs to be done. There is no last minute stuffing items into whatever box it will fit into. This means that moving day can be spent moving, not packing.

The Cost

The elephant in the room is the added cost. Of course having a moving company do your packing for you is going to cost more than if you do it yourself. But how much more?

When you factor in the amount that you are going to spend on boxes, packing materials, tape and labels, it might surprise you that having your packing done for you is surprisingly affordable. That is without factoring in the time savings and the reduced stress on your part.

Remember, if you are planning a Georgina move, Bradford Movers is able to do your packing for you and let you do the moving yourself. Contact us today for a price estimate on what it would cost to pack up and move your home!

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