Self Storage Services

Climate Controlled Self Storage

Bradford Moving Climate Controlled Storage Facilities
Bradford Moving Climate Controlled Storage Facilities

We have a wide range of different self-storage options available to choose from. They are all located indoors for added safety and security. The climate controlled environment also helps to protect your belongings from damaging cold during the winter or heat during the summer.

Our entire facility is well lit day and night, and has a sophisticated video surveillance system in place to help ensure everything is as safe as possible.

You will have your own keycard to give you 24 hour access to the facility. This card will also disable the alarm system for your unit only so you can access your items

Several Convenient Sizes:

Bradford Moving Storage Sizes
Bradford Moving Storage Sizes Chart

Warehouse Parking

If you’re looking for a place to keep your vehicle so that it will be as safe as possible, our warehouse parking is an ideal option. Our building is extremely secure and offers 24/7 video monitoring. Access to this facility requires a member of our staff and 48 hour notice to get in. This is the perfect solution for storing sportier vehicles during the winter, or winter vehicles that aren’t in use during the warmer months. This facility is also climate controlled to ensure your vehicles are ready to go when you need them again.

Outdoor Parking

We have a huge 38,000 sq. ft. lot where you can park your cars, trucks, vans, motorhomes, trailers, boats, snow mobiles or anything else you can imagine. This lot is right on our property so we can keep a close eye on it at all times. You’ll have a keycard to get access to your vehicles when you need them.

Trailer Rentals

We offer high quality trailer rentals for all your moving needs. We provide trailers throughout Barrie, Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford or anywhere in the area.

We can deliver the trailers to your home or business so that you can fill them up at your convenience, and then we’ll have our drives come bring it where ever it needs to go. We also offer packing services with our professional movers. Whatever you need, we are happy to help you throughout the process.

Trailer Sizes

We have a variety of trailers available ranging from 14 to 53 feet in length. The specific options are:

  • 14’’
  • 22’’
  • 26’’
  • 30’’
  • 48’’
  • 53’’

If you’re not sure what size you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help to ensure you get the perfect size.

Car, Boat or RV Storage

If you have a vehicle that you won’t be driving for a while, why not let us store it for you. We have a great facility that has temperature control for most sized cars, boats, trailers, motorcycles and more. For the oversized items, we have a secured lot to keep them locked up and protected.

All of our storage lots and facilities are monitored 24/7 with a surveillance system, and secured with a security gate. We also have a security professional monitoring your vehicles to ensure nothing goes wrong.