You may think of self-storage services as the place that you go to after your home is sold and you need to keep your things while you are moving. A storage unit from your New Tecumseth movers can be the perfect place to help you de-clutter your home while your agent is working on selling it for you.

Reduce the Clutter

Many real estate agents say that when potential buyers tour a house that is cluttered, it instantly turns them off from the home. Clutter can make the home seem smaller than it actually is and give the impression there isn’t enough space. It can also give the impression that the home was mistreated and will need maintenance. One option is to lighten up the clutter by putting some of it in a self-storage unit from local New Tecumseth movers.

Clean Out the Closets

Depending on the season, you may be able to reduce the amount of clothing you have stored in your closets by putting some of it in storage. No need for winter sweater and coats to be taking up space so your potential buyers can’t see just how big your closets actually are. Pack up those seasonal items and put them in storage. This gives the impression that your closets are very roomy and can handle anything your potential buyers might want to store in them.

Kitchen Appliances

You may not be planning on rolling any pasta or baking a cake from scratch while you are trying to sell your house. Why not pack up those extra appliances and put them into storage? Units are a great way to store extra pots and pans as well. If you have dishes that are specific to entertaining, you can put those into storage as well if you aren’t planning on using them. Opening up space in the kitchen is a great way to attract potential buyers.

Personal Photos and Items

If you are a private person or family, you may not want people walking through your home looking at all of your personal photographs and other items. Boxing them up and storing those in the house can just generate more clutter. Use a self-storage service to keep them safe while you are going through the selling process.

Toys and Children’s Items

Kids seem able to expand to fill any empty space that is available in a home. While they might be slightly upset with you if you pack away their favorite toys, putting away seasonal things like swimming pools or holiday items can be a great way to reduce the clutter in the home. Having them in storage will also keep them safe and in a location that they can be brought out when you find your new home!

Using a self-storage service to help you declutter your home is a great way turn a potential buyer into the one who does. Contact Bradford Moving and Storage about what self-storage services are available from your New Tecumseth movers so we can find the right one for you and your family during your listing!

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