When moving, sometimes self storage can be an afterthought; or you might only be thinking about items that don’t fit in your house like a TV, pool table or piano.

What about the things that don’t fit in your garage or driveway? Vehicle self-storage can be a great alternative for keeping your vehicles safe before, during or after your move.

Vault Self Storage, also located at Bradford Moving, has the perfect self-storage unit for your needs.


Self-storage is a great option for your boat. Unless you are lucky to have a garage big enough for your car and boat, you probably keep your boat outside through the winter. This means expensive winterization, possible damage due to the cold and lengthy time in the spring to get it ready for the water. Avoid all of that by keeping it in climate controlled storage. Boat self storage will add life to your boat, though!

 Campers and RVs

While most campers and RVs are designed to remain outside, you may not have room at your house to store yours when you aren’t out camping. You may even be putting off buying one because you have nowhere to store it.

Self-storage is a great way to store your RV or camper. Most sites have outdoor parking that can be used for just this purpose. If you really want extra protection, Vault Self Storage have larger climate controlled storage units that might fit a small camper or popup.


Are you tired of your motorcycle getting dinged up through the winter as stuff gets piled on it in the garage? Why not rent a motorcycle storage unit for it to stay though the winter? Vault Self Storage offers month to month leases that allow you rent it during the winter when you aren’t riding it, and then in the summer you just cancel in order to have access to your ride when you want it. You can get a climate controlled unit as well so you don’t have to do any winter prep.

Classic Cars

If you have a classic or show car in your garage taking up space, you can reclaim some of it by renting a self-storage unit for your car. As with motorcycles, you can get a climate controlled car storage unit if you wish, or you can get a unit that is just the right size for your show car and only bring it out when you want to cruise or head to a car show.


Why only use self-storage in the winter? The storage units at Vault Self Storage are perfect for storing snowmobiles. You can find a small unit to store it and keep it ready for when the winter snows hit.

Contact Vault Self Storage today to see what is available and to start your lease on a vehicle self storage unit.


  1. Good Day , I have 3 cars that I want to store for winter 1985 Mustang. 1998 Cadillac, can you get back to me with availablity. And price as I live in Newmarket , thank you Marty

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