Many of us have those special items in our homes that have sentimental value, and many others spend significant amounts of money obtaining valuable pieces of art or antiques. But how do you house these items when not in use? If you are thinking about finally finding a place to store that prized collection, check out this list of safe self-storage tips for storing antiques.

Light – With almost all antiques, direct sunlight can be a killer. In direct sunlight colours in prints and fabrics can quickly fade, or cause other materials to dry out. Things like furniture, paintings, and documents and photographs all need to be stored in a dark place. Keep light levels low as much as possible, and keep these articles away from windows as much as possible (even better – store in a place without windows).

Temperature – If temperatures fluctuate regularly in your storage area, hot one day and cool the next, your antiques are likely going to suffer. Knowing this, make sure that your valuable collectables are stored in a space that is climate controlled. Safe self-storage for antiques, especially in a storage unit, should maintain a high degree of control over temperature.

Moisture – Avoid moisture at all costs! When determining the best place to store your antiques, make sure that humidity is not going to be an issue, but also make sure that the space is well protected against any leaks or condensation due to the weather. Moisture, even just a small amount can lead to rust, cracking, or shrinking.

Handling – The older something is, the less likely it is to tolerate excessive handling. To help keep antiques in the best condition possible, avoid handling when you can. Wrap items using the proper material (i.e. acid-free tissue for paper documents/photographs, sheets for furniture, etc.) to help add an extra layer of protection against dust, dirt, and the elements (as well as to help protect when handling).

Security – Knowing the value of these items, whether heirloom or collector status, one of the final priorities when choosing a method for storage is security. If you have determined that the attic or garage isn’t exactly the best place to keep those items without risking damage, make sure that the outside storage you are using can promise a high level of protection. Safe self-storage for antiques should include individual locked units as well as key-card access and security features which include lighting and cameras. Ensure that you are the only one with access to your unit.

When it comes to antique collectables, make sure that you treat them with the proper care and handling to keep them in pristine condition. Use these tips to help when storing. When using self-storage, make sure that you do your research and choose a storage company that can guarantee the highest level of protection.

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