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Preparing For Winter

The winter season is quickly approaching, and it is time to say goodbye to the long days of sun and say hello to early nights. You’re going to have to let go to a lot of your favorite summer items, but we’re going to help you and give you some things to think about when preparing for winter.

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1. Pack Up The Summer

Summer is officially over, you’re not going to need your water tubes or water guns anymore, so put those fun summer tools away. Put away all of your Summer only activities to make room for all the joyous Winter tools like your shovels, snow blower, and your salter. Those items can be fun. Right?

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2. Clean Up The Garden

There probably won’t be much fruits or vegetables growing in the Winter time, so be get ready to lose the garden for a couple of months. Sunny days won’t be coming around too often anymore, so it is ideal to take care of this the first opportunity you get.

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3. Find Your Space Heaters/Prepare The Fire Place

It’s going to be cold, and if the heat does not run through the house, you better get those space heaters ready. Even though they only keep one place warm at a time, be careful not to leave them on unattended as they are a fire hazard. If you have the benefit of a fire place, chop up some wood before it gets too cold out. You’ll appreciate it when you’re not standing outside for 40 mins cutting up big pieces of wood.

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4. Prepare Your Closets

Winter forces people to bring out the biggest jackets they have, as well as boots, scarves, gloves, and the furriest of hats. Get rid of the summer wear in the closet so that your guests will have space to store their parkas when they come over during the winter months.

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5. Stock Your Home

Winter brings along a couple of snow storms, hopefully very few. But during a snow storm, the best place to be is in your home, under a blanket, drinking some hot cocoa. So be sure to stock your home with items you are going to need when you can’t leave your home during a snow storm.

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