Prepare Children For A Move

When preparing for a move we often get caught up in the large details of the move such as moving trucks, moving dates, and what needs to be packed first. If you have kids, it is important to include them in the moving process, simply because the move will be impacting their young lives as well. We don’t suggest allowing them to pick the new house you’re moving in to, but they should be involved in the decision making process. The transition period can be a tough one for children so we have outlined a few tips on how to prepare children for a move.

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1. Only Speak About The Good

We don’t suggest lying to your children, but highlight the positives about moving in to your new home. Kids will fuss and wine until the end of time, you can dilute it a bit by telling them about all the good things that will come out of moving in to a new home.

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2. Find A School

Find your children a school before you move to the new home. Schools are becoming more and more difficult for students to get in to simply because they have an overload of students, especially in newly developed areas. Find them a school prior to moving and have your children visit the school and maybe meet their teachers before they get there permanently.

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3. Extracurricular Activities

Have your children join an after school program such as soccer, piano, or even extra math classes. Joining an after school program they enjoy will break them in to their new community and they will make friends with children they have similarities to.

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4. Let Them Decide

Allowing your children to make some small decisions with the new house will let them feel like they have been included in the decision making process. Let them choose what colors they want their rooms to be or what toys they want to keep in their room, this may ease the transition period.

A lot goes in to moving, don’t overlook your children, involve them in the process and try to make the transition period as easy for them as possible. We can help your family’s transition period by handling your move. Contact us.

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