You may have never considered this, but there might be some things you can do before your Aurora movers show up to pack your boxes for you. If you movers aren’t packing for you and you are handling the task yourself, you might also find these things useful in helping your packing. Yes, we’re talking about pre-packing. It might sound crazy, but there are a lot of things that you can do in order to make your packing go easier.

Start Early

Don’t wait until the last minute. If you take some time to pre-pack and plan out what you are going to need in the weeks before you move, you may find that you can do without a lot of things in your home. Plan out your packing so that you put the least needed items in boxes first and end with the most used things in your home.

Spend Some Organizing Time

You may be tempted to clean before you pack. Resist that urge. It is much easier to do a deep clean on an empty room than it is one filled with items and boxes. You should head into a room and spend ten or fifteen minutes organizing the things in the room. While you are doing this, pay attention to where you put your items away so you can remember where they belong. This can help you ensure that things don’t get left until the last minute for the “whoops, we forgot” box that never seems to get unpacked after your move.

Write a Packing Plan

You’ve started early, you’ve organized your things; now it’s time to plan out your strategy. Write down what you want to start with and what supplies you will need to get that done. Don’t feel the need to get everything done in one day. Take your time and pack a little over a long period. It helps to reduce the stress of packing and lets you think your way through the process. As items in a room get packed, don’t tape the boxes shut. Move them to the center of the room just in case you need something you packed before you leave.


We have said it before, but it is worth repeating: Label all of your boxes. The more you label, the less you are going to have to go hunting for at your new home. There are several ways you can tackle this: color coding, electronic lists with numbering systems or even taping paper directly to a box. Whatever method you choose, stick to it. Labels will ensure that you don’t end up without coffee the first morning in your new home because you can’t find the coffee pot!

Remove the Clutter

As you are packing, don’t be afraid to make “donate” and “trash” boxes. You don’t have to take everything with you. If you aren’t using it, give it a new home.

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