Portable Storage UnitsSometimes we all need a little extra space. When it comes to taking advantage of that extra space and packing portable storage units, some things are pretty common sense, while others are not. To help you out, here is a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to packing portable storage units.


  • Have a plan to help eliminate the need for rearranging items at a later date and to ensure the easiest access possible. Keep this on hand so you can access it later.
  • Label boxes on all sides. This way, when something is stored at the back of the unit, you know exactly what is in each box without having to dig. Even better, keep a list to help you remember what is where.
  • Use moving pads or blankets to protect items from getting scratched or damaged, especially with antiques or any type of furniture.
  • Disassemble large furniture items to help use the space to its greatest potential and to help avoid damaging the pieces. And don’t forget, if you disassemble items for storage, make sure to keep the instructions, and place all small nuts, bolts, screws, etc. in a well labelled container.
  • When storing tools or bicycles, rub a small amount of machine oil on them to help prevent rust. Also remember to drain all liquids before storing.
  • Store paintings and mirrors on end, not flat. This will significantly help you to avoid the dreaded seven years of bad luck.
  • Freestanding shelves are a great way to keep your unit organized, and help make the most of your space – utilize them!


  • Never leave furniture wrapped in plastic for extended periods of time. It retains moisture and can ruin your pieces very quickly.
  • Don’t just stack your boxes on top of each other without a care for weight – heaviest on bottom. And avoid packing boxes that are too heavy to carry.
  • Never, under any circumstances, store food in your unit – furry friends are not wanted here, neither are scaly ones.
  • Speaking of bugs, which are sometimes unavoidable, you can place mothballs around the unit to protect your fabrics and clothing, but don’t place them in with the clothes as they can cause staining.
  • Don’t store anything flammable or toxic, such as paint, oil, or gasoline in your storage unit.
  • Don’t use the storage unit as a playroom or man cave, even if it seems like a great way to get some peace and quiet.

When you have chosen a company and secured a unit, make optimal use of the space with these dos and don’ts to keep your stuff safe and secure.

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