If you’ve ever been in charge of relocating an office, you know what rule #1 one is: there must be little or no effect on the company’s operations.  That’s a short statement that means a very long list of critical “to do’s” must be done before it can happen.

As a company that’s moved our fair share of businesses, we don’t want to add anything unnecessary to the long list of responsibilities. But an office move is an ideal time to make improvements to something that will help improve your business and its bottom line.

Improve Office Productivity

When you move into a new office, it’s like you have a clean slate. You can choose to set-up the new office any way you’d like. But doing so with productivity in mind will not only save you money in the long run, it will boost employee morale and streamline many of your business operations.

Here are just a few ways to use your office move to increase the productivity of your office space.

1. Get Your Employees Involved

Simply by asking your employees for input on the move and any improvements that they think will help, not only will you get them more engaged (which itself improves productivity), but you just might get lots of great new ideas.

2. Think About Workflows and Traffic Through the Office

Have you ever been given the desk that seems to have an endless flow of people walking by? How’d that work for your productivity? From placing office equipment for fast, easy access, to locating employee workstations in the right spots, your office layout plans should be focused on boosting productivity.

3. Upgrade Equipment

Yup, everyone knows that they need to hold down the button on the printer if you want it to work properly. It’s been that way for years. But it’s also a time-suck that saps your productivity. While installing new equipment in a running office can be a disruption, setting up your new office with new equipment before move-in means zero disruption.

4. Interior Design

There’s lots of evidence that office interior designs can increase productivity. Whether you want to create unique meeting and workspaces, or want a more inspirational décor, before you move into your new office is the best time to do it.

If you’re thinking about an office move or another type of corporate relocation service, the most important step is to start planning as soon as possible. Call us here are Bradford Moving and Storage and we’ll help you come up with a great plan that’ll make your office move a success.

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