Winter is coming…the days are getting shorter and shorts and t-shirts have quickly become a thing of the past. We may not have broken out the ski jackets and snow boots yet, but when you think about what is to come, you may not just be thinking about your personal wardrobe. When you have a cherished vehicle – it doesn’t matter if it is a vintage classic or just a car that you want to last – storing it for the winter is always a smart idea, but it also requires some thought and preparation.

Rust, potholes, the increased risk of an accident – all of these are hazards that become exacerbated in the winter. Here are some winter vehicle storage tips to make your car happy during the winter months.

  • Think about adding a fuel stabilizer to the tank to avoid oxidization and the resulting deposits that can clog your fuel system.
  • Consider getting an oil change, even if you are not due for one. Corrosive materials can get suspended in used oil and can eventually corrode your engine if they just sit there.
  • If you can, make time to start and run the car at regular intervals during the course of the winter. This helps to keep the cylinders well lubricated.
  • Give it a good cleaning, inside and out, before storing it. Clean any recent stains and make sure that it is as dry as possible. Not only is this good for the life and look of the car, it will make it that much more satisfying to drive come spring!
  • Some car gurus suggest removing spark plugs, disconnecting the battery, or putting your car on jack-stands – but our advice is to check with your mechanic first. Some cars require different care and thus sometimes research is best before making any drastic decisions.

Storage space itself can also be an issue. What if you don’t have extra space in the garage or if you live in an apartment (and thus don’t have a garage)? Are you just going to cover it and leave it in the driveway and hope for the best? Not likely. A secure, weatherproof storage company can give you the space you need to keep your car throughout the winter. Make sure you find a company that offers heated units to keep your car from freezing, as well as security that gives you, and only you, access to your unit.

Winter vehicle storage doesn’t have to be a pain. With the right preparation and the right storage unit you can be sure that, once spring finally makes an appearance, your car is in pristine condition and ready for the open (and dry) road.

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