You spend a lot of time on building your wine collection. When it comes time to move, remember that you are going to need to handle those bottles with the same care that you took when you chose them. If you want your wine to arrive safely at your new home, then there are some steps you should take to ensure that your wine move goes as smoothly. Here are some tips for making sure your vino gets to your new home in quality shape.

Don’t Skimp on the Packing

Moving breakable objects successfully means packing them properly. Wine bottles are no exception. While wine bottles might seem sturdier than the stemware that you drink the wine from, all glass is breakable.

The first thing to remember when packing your wine bottles is to finish the open ones first. Only take sealed bottles with you. When you pack your wine, you want to keep your corks moist. Do so by packing the bottles on their sides or even pack them upside down in a box if you can. Make sure there is enough padding inside the box and between the bottles to prevent breakage if the box is banged around or shifts during the move.

Finally, label the box clearly as wine. Make sure that the movers know what is inside is fragile so that the box is treated accordingly.

Regulate the Temperature

Depending on when you are moving, the moving boxes can be exposed to rather extreme temperatures. Heat in the summer, cold in the winter, both can be very damaging to wines. The older the wine, the more susceptible they might be to extreme temperature swings. Ideal temperature is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are moving in the spring or the fall, you might be able to get away without doing major climate control. Otherwise, think about moving your wine in a climate-controlled container to protect it from extreme and ruining temps.

Check the Laws

If you are moving internationally, there might be some laws that you need to navigate in order to move your wine from one country to another. Don’t get caught up in a customs issue. Check the laws for moving your collection before you pack it up so you can make sure that it can be moved legally to your new home.

Check Your Insurance

If something happens to your collection, you want to be covered. This means making sure that your insurance will cover the real value of the bottle or bottles that you lose. If you have a particularly large collection, you will want to make sure to document it properly, with photographs if you can. Check to make sure that your moving insurance will cover the full cost of replacement of anything you might lose.

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