Moving Your Business?

Business Packing Tips from Your Trusted Newmarket Moving Company

Moving your business can be a cumbersome task. In addition to inventory, shelving, electronics and other infrastructure can make the process challenging. Don’t get overwhelmed! Little Moves offers reliable and affordable moving services to Newmarket and surrounding areas to help take the weight off your shoulders – literally and figuratively – as you sort out the logistics for your business moving day. With years of experience and reputable and friendly moving services, we are here to help.

Tips for Relocating Your Business

Before the big moving day, consider the following tips to prepare:

Employees In Office Holding Cardboard Boxesnew business offices
  • Make a game plan – Creating a timeline for packing and moving will help you, your employees, customers and Newmarket moving company stay on track and feel prepared. Start by evaluating the current situation in your company’s office. Consider how the layout in your new location will look and how you will make it happen within your budget. Inform your employees about the move 4-6 months in advance of the moving day and be clear about the date(s).
  • Be smart with resources – Your budget needs to include everything from movers to equipment transportation and time for employees to pack. The nature of your business will determine your needs. Invest your resources in the right places and ask your employees for assistance if required.
  • Hire movers in advance – You should contact professional movers in Newmarket 1-3 months before moving day. Planning ahead will help you get an accurate quote, sort out the details with the company, and begin packing ahead of time. Don’t leave these details until the last minute or you’ll cause yourself unnecessary anxiety and stress. Planning ahead will help moving day go smoothly, so book your movers and cleaning services in advance.
  • Inform vendors and customers – Update your vendors about the change in location 1-3 months before you move so that you don’t miss any important shipments due to confusion. Consider ordering a new sign, furniture, and other necessities so that they are ready when you arrive at your new location.
  • Prepare electronics for the move – Cables and electronics should be moved in an organized and protected fashion so that everything matches up at the new location and nothing gets broken in transit. Label cables with numbers or instructions to minimize confusion when unpacking. Bubble wrap and blankets are good for wrapping electronics, and tape will help keep them secure. Don’t stack computer equipment and inform your movers about any other fragile materials that need to be included in the move.

Little Moves has years of experience and we are dedicated to making your business move as easy as possible! We offer comprehensive moving services, from packing materials to moving muscle and can provide advice to make your move go off without a hitch. Avoid hidden fees and confusing charges; let our trusted Newmarket moving company provide assistance for your business relocation.

If you are looking to move your business and want trusted and affordable movers in the GTA, contact Little Moves at 905-853-9899. You can also request a quote or book your moving day online.

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