What is the one thing that most people need when they are planning their move? A moving truck, of course! If this is the first time that you have rented a moving truck or need to know more before renting one, here is some essential information straight from trusted New Tecumseth movers, Georgina movers, and Aurora movers that should ensure that your truck rental goes smoothly.

Should You Have Insurance?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for this one. Before purchasing an additional policy you should check your own home and auto policies first. Many private policies will cover issues that occur with a moving truck or the contents of the truck.

If you find your own policies do not cover moving trucks, then contact the rental company. They may offer (at an additional cost) insurance coverage. Make sure you know what this policy will cover before deciding on spending the additional money on it.

Who is Allowed to Drive the Truck?

This can vary from company to company. Each rental company will have a set amount that they will allow. In order for a person to be a valid driver they will most likely need to be present when the vehicle is rented. Make sure to have the proper identification for each of the prospective drivers. Also remember that the person responsible for the truck is usually the one signing the rental agreement. So only put people you truly trust on the agreement as a legal driver.

Do You Need a Special Driver’s License or Training?

The short answer is no. There is no special training or licensing needed to drive a rental moving truck. It’s probably a good idea to have some experience driving a large vehicle before you hop behind the wheel. If you are not sure of your ability find a parking lot or some roads with plenty of room and get the feel for the truck. Learning how to drive it empty is much easier than waiting until it is fully loaded with all of your things. It is much less stressful as well.

How Do You Pick the Right Size?

There are a lot of different size trucks available for rental. Many rental companies will have recommendations on how many rooms a truck can move. Ultimately it comes down to a judgment call on your part. If you have a sparsely furnished home you may not need as big a truck as recommended. If you are more heavily furnished, a larger truck might be appropriate. Don’t assume that “bigger is better.” When it comes to moving too much space in the truck can spell disaster for furniture or fragile items.

Why Not Let Newmarket Movers Do the Work for You?

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