If you are considering a do-it-yourself move, then you will probably be renting a moving truck or van to get the job done. While that is a good start you may need some additional accessories to get the job done. Here are some tools that you can get along with your moving truck to ensure that you have everything you are going to need for a problem-free Georgina move.

Appliance Hand Truck

One of the most challenging things to move is the appliances. This can apply double to washing machines and dryers, which are typically stored in difficult-to-reach areas like basements. Having an appliance hand truck can make all the difference when moving these heavy items.

Appliance hand trucks typically have an extra set of wheels or tread that will help you to lift heavy items up and down the stairs. This can be very valuable in helping to prevent injuries or just to conserve muscle power that is needed all day long. If you are unsure you will be able to move your appliances on your own, professional Georgina movers can take of it for you.

Extra Packing Supplies

Just when you think you have enough boxes, you find something that needs put in a box you don’t have. When you are going to pick up your van or truck, the store that is renting it will likely have packing supplies as well. Grab some extra boxes and packing material just in case you need it. If you don’t need it, you can always return it unused. If you do, then you will avoid having to stop your Georgina move to go retrieve some.


Most trucks come with a few furniture pads, but companies typically offer more for a nominal fee. Furniture pads are a great way to avoid having costly furniture scratched or damaged during your move.

Even the best packing job is going to have some room for things to jostle around during the drive. Using pads to protect the furniture will ensure that there is no damage done when this happens. Pads are there to keep your furniture safe.

They can also be useful in protecting the hardwood floors in your old home. Use them to slide heavy items across carpets and hardwood to protect the flooring from scuffs and scratches.

Car Dollies and Carriers

If you are doing the driving of the truck, you might find yourself short a body to get your car to your new home as well. This might mean you need to use a car dolly or carrier to get your car to your new home. A dolly allows you to tow the car behind the van. These are made specifically for two-wheel drive vehicles. If you have an all-wheel drive vehicle, you will need a carrier.

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