It is undeniable – technology has transformed our lives; the way we communicate, stay connected, do business, etc., are all impacted by each new tech invention. The advent of cloud technology is one of the most impressive demonstrations of this, having completely overhauled the way we store and manage data on a regular business.

For those of us now taking advantage of cloud storage, but with data going back years, this is both positive and negative. Sure, being able to store huge files, remotely, and accessible anywhere, is great, but what about all of that data that exists in file folders, filing cabinets and accordion files, relegated to the back of a storage closet that is bursting at the seams? Even with the cloud, office storage solutions continue to remain a challenge for old files and hardware.

Secure self-storage represents one of the most popular forms of office storage solutions, for everything from unused furniture and seasonal items to overstock and files – and for good reason. This is especially true when it comes to confidential documents (client files, tax documents, etc.), as hard copies need to be kept – but when stored offsite security is a major concern – so if you are considering self-storage for your office needs, make sure security is first-rate.

Climate control is also important, particularly where old hardware is concentred. Sure, you may not be using that old computer at the moment, or those boxes and boxes of old floppy disks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not needed anymore. Also, even if items may seem as though they’ve outlived their usage, you might be surprised how much can be reused in other devices. Hardware parts can easily be recycled, and so keeping these rather than tossing them is always a good idea.

That being said, you can’t just store these items anywhere – weather damage (humidity, condensation, extreme heat or cold) can wreak havoc on these, and thus making sure that the self-storage company you choose can offer climate controlled units is crucial.

Cloud technology has really done a number on the way many of us do business – and often in very positive ways. The ability to store such a vast amount of information, documentation and data in “the cloud” can mean a great deal of freed-up space for the future – it just can’t do much as far as helping you store hard copies of stuff from the past. Self-storage can though, so perhaps this “old dog” actually has a few new tricks.

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