Moving is hard enough without having to deal with injuries to you or the people helping you move. Fortunately, if you take the right precautions and a little time to plan, you should be injury-free and have a safe and healthy move. Here are some things to consider so that everyone stays safe and healthy during your move.

Prepare Your Body

Would you run a marathon or play hockey without stretching out before starting? Stretching is also a crucial step during the packing process. Take some time to prepare your body for the move by stretching your back and legs before you move anything.  Through the day, take a minute to keep your muscles limber by stretching before big lifts.

Keep Boxes Light

Packing boxes come in small, medium and large sizes for a reason. If you have done your packing properly, the size of the box won’t matter when it comes to weight. Use small boxes to fill with heavy things and use the big boxes to fill with lighter things. Do not pack a large box full of books or gym weights; it is just asking for someone to be injured.

Lift with the Legs

Go and lift something. Do you feel the pressure in your waist? If you do, you are lifting wrong. You want the pressure of the lift to be on your legs and your arms, not the waist or the back. Make sure you are lifting heavy things properly to avoid back injuries. Also make sure you have total control of what you are carrying. If you feel control slipping, put it down and lift again. Out of control heavy items can do serious damage.

Dress for Success

Every job has the right uniform, and moving is no different. You want to keep to loose-fitting but not too baggy clothing. Clothing that is too baggy can get caught on things you are carrying, while clothing that is too tight can restrict essential freedom of movement.

Also make sure to wear the right foot protection. Closed to shoes or boots are perfect for a move. If you have a weight belt or other lifting support available to you, then take advantage of it. It can be a back saver in a pinch.

The Right Tools for the Job

Make sure you have the right equipment for you move. This may mean things like an appliance dolly or a stair climber for buildings with no elevator. You also want to have some hand tools available for taking items apart if they need to be in order to move.

Gloves are an important moving tool. Make sure to have a pair for yourself and a couple extra for your helpers.

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