If you are planning a move and have a deck, patio or yard, then you most likely have belongings that live on the outside. While moving these items, in theory, is not any different than moving the things on the inside of the house, there are some things you might want to do for these belongings that you wouldn’t do for the stuff on the inside. Here are some tips for moving the things on the outside of your home to your new home!

Spend Some Time Cleaning

You don’t want to take dirty things to your new home, and this is especially true of your outdoor furniture. Since they usually lives outside, these items can build up quite the layer of dust and dirt. If you load them onto the truck with your other belongings you might end up with backyard smudges on your nice clean couch. Not an ideal situation.

Before you pack, give all of your outdoor items a wash with a hose or a pressure washer, if you have one. If there is a chance they might rust, then make sure to wipe everything down. Even if you don’t wipe down after cleaning, make sure you leave enough time for everything to dry thoroughly. Don’t pack things wet!

Watch Out for Invasive Species

You may not think of your lawn chairs as a potential breeding ground for unwanted pests, but the truth is that they might be. Invasive species are mostly moved from one environment to another by people. If you are moving a fair distance from your old home, then you might have stowaways on your belongings that can end up being a real nuisance in your new home. Look for any indications of unwanted guests by checking inside any openings or dark place that you would not normally look.

Take Time to Pack

Don’t be tempted into waiting until the last minute then just tossing your chairs, tables or other outdoor items on top of everything else as the moving truck is pulling away. There is a proper way to pack these items so that they don’t get damaged or damage your other things.

Remove all of the cushions and pack them separately. If there are any sharp edges or protruding screws, then pad them with some packing foam or tape. Make sure to tape closed or secure anything that might open up if it shifts during transit. If you have fuel for lamps or torches, pack that separately and clearly mark what it is. If you are using professional movers, you might want to make sure they will take these items. Many will not.

Take Special Care of Plants

Changing environments on plants can put a toll on them. Make sure to be extra careful with any plants you are taking with you and give them plenty of light and water when they arrive at their new home.

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