So the big moving day is coming and you walk around your house looking at your appliances with a sense of unease. Just how are you going to make sure these expensive but necessary items not only make it out in one piece, but arrive at your new home ready to get back to work? Well, here are some tips for things to do to get ready to move your large appliances. Don’t forget the appliance dolly for moving day!


You want to make sure that your dishwasher is clean and dry before you move it. You can do this by letting it dry out a few days before you move. Leaving the door open is a good way to accomplish this task.

When you are disconnecting it, make sure that all of the water lines into the dishwasher have been turned off or capped. You are going to make sure to disconnect all of your drain hoses and wrap them tightly.  Keep them secured in a safe place for the move. You can also secure the internal racks with some packing tape to keep them from sliding around during the move.

Refrigerator and/or Freezer

It should go without saying, but remove everything from these appliances before attempting to move them. Perishables should go into a cooler for transport or be used up before the move. If your move schedule allows, unplug the fridge or freezer a few days before the move to let it defrost. While it is defrosting, go ahead and give it a thorough cleaning and let it dry completely.

To get your fridge out it may be necessary to remove the doors. Be prepared to do this and have the proper tools. You should also remove or secure any loose shelving to prevent damage during the move.

Finally, most refrigerators need to be moved upright. Tilting it on its side for transport may cause damage. Check with the manufacturer to ensure no damage is done while loading or unloading.

Washing Machine

Your washing machine will also need a few days in order to dry out before your move. Leave the door open and if there are any drain plugs you can pull, do so to drain out extra water. Clean your machine inside and out so you have a clean appliance to move into your new home.

Shut off the water to the machine and then disconnect the hoses from the machine. If you can detach them completely, do so. Wrap the hoses tightly and secure for the move.

Your washing machine drum may have some locking hardware or even a special kit that will prevent the drum from being damage during the move. Check with the manufacturer or the moving company to see what special hardware you might need in order to safely move your washer.

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