Moving In With A Roommate

Moving in with a friend always seems like a great idea because you get to be with your friends all the time and rent gets cut in half. This is true, but with every situation (unless you win $5 million) there are pros and cons. If you are thinking about doing something like this we have a few ideas you might want to consider before moving in with a roommate.

Pros:blog 1

  • Companionship – You’re always going to have someone to hang out with. Living with a roommate will pretty much ensure you will never have to do anything on your own ever again, simply because you have another person in the house at all times you can invite to any activity.
  • Cheaper – Living with a roommate will cut the cost of all your living expenses. Life becomes a little bit easier when costs are split between more than one person. You will find yourself having more money in your pocket by splitting the rent .

Living with a roommate is going to make your financial life easier, and in turn will keep some extra cash in your pocket. Having a roommate to enjoy that money with is a bonus.

Cons:blog 2

  • Companionship – Yea, we know we listed this as a ‘pro’ already, but it can easily be a ‘con’ as well. There is going to come those days where your roommate is ready to party and have a reckless night, but instead you rather just have some time alone to perhaps catch up on a book or watch a TV show. These moments will occur, so be ready to say “no” from time to time.
  • No space – Just like the rent is being split between two people, everything in the house is going to be split by two people. You’re not going to be able to take 2 hour baths anymore, especially when your roommate is in a rush to get to work.

Moving in with a roommate that fits your way of living is tough, so make sure you choose a person that you enjoy having around as opposed to a person you can tolerate. Things can turn sour really quickly if you two are complete opposites.

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