Here are some useful tips for moving during the Fall.

Fall is for most people the beautiful time of year. It offers mild temperatures and beautiful scenery. It is a great time to get outdoors and hike, camp or move.

Though Summer is the busiest time for moving, there are many benefits of moving during the Fall. Most people opt to move during the Summer months because it is easier to situate their children in new schools. However, moving companies are busy during the Summer; meaning they can charge more based on demand. And not many people want to wait until Winter; where it’s cold and driving conditions can be suspect.

For the most part, you receive better service from moving companies during the Fall. This is because they are not as in demand; you can expect¬†competitive rates as well! Also, when it comes to moving supplies, you don’t have to worry about companies not having stock. Another huge benefit of moving during the Fall is the fact that it is cooler outside. You can pack your belongings without feeling like you are in sauna. Lastly, Fall is one of the best times to take in the scenery. While on the way to your new place, enjoy the experience; the leaves changing, the wind blowing and the temperature cooling you down.

Though moving through the Fall is very favourable, there are certain things about the season which make preparation a bit different than others. Leaves are changing colours during the Fall, but they are also falling. This means that you have to spend some time making sure the walkways outside of your place are clean of leaves. If you don’t clean these leaves up, they will become slippery and ultimately hazardous for you and/or movers.

If you have children, make sure to sort our their schooling situation well in advance of moving. This will help your kids with their transition to school and help you get organized at home once the move has been completed. As you pack during fall, think about what stuff should go to a storage locker (such as bikes, summer clothes, etc.) and what should come with you to your new place. This simple procedure can help you be much more organized and avoid cluttering up your new place.

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