Summer is officially over and that means that the warm weather is soon to be behind us. And sure, typically springtime is when most of us conduct our annual cleaning spree, going through everything and tossing what we no longer want or need. But what if you lost track of time and are instead taking advantage now. A fall clean out can be just as cathartic – and taking advantage of the many benefits of a self-storage unit can make it even more so.

Big Benefit #1: Extra Space! Obviously the greatest thing about a self-storage unit is its ability to provide you with the extra space you need. Maybe that garage is starting to look more like a junk store than a space to keep the car dry during the winter. Maybe the basement is no longer the best place to relax and unwind because the corners are filled with boxes and extra furniture. When you conduct that fall clean out and decide to make extra room (in whatever space you want), a storage unit can be a great way to achieve this.

Big Benefit #2: Easy Access. With the right self-storage company you don’t have to worry about putting stuff in storage and realizing later that you need an item but are limited as far as access. The right facility should offer 24/7 access, so if Aunt Franny calls to spring a surprise visit on you on a Sunday afternoon you can have that ‘lovely’ piece of wedding china there in time for dinner.

Big Benefit #3: Climate Control. Many people find that storage units are the perfect place to house that collection of antique furniture or priceless stamp collection. These items, the ones that require a little extra care when storing, can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you think about climate control. With a self-storage facility that offers climate controlled units you can stop paying to keep the house at an optimal temperature (for those antiques but maybe not for you) all throughout the year, and be sure that they are well protected.

Take the changing leaves as a sign of change and get that fall clean out started, beginning with renting a self-storage unit for any and all of those items that take up extra space or require a little extra care or protection.

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