Portable Storage ContainersOk, so you’ve rented a portable storage unit (or are thinking about renting one) and are getting ready to fill it up. What is going in that unit? How are you going to ensure optimal use of space? Is there anything that should be avoided? Portable storage containers can be a great way to make extra room in your house or to store items that are not used frequently, but is there anything specific you need to know before you start loading up that unit?

Check out this list of dos and don’ts for portable storage containers. Some things may be simple common sense – others are common mistakes!

Common Sense:

–        Make a plan before packing. To help take advantage of the space, lay out how you will store items prior to filling the unit – just make sure to distribute weight evenly, placing heavier items towards the center and placing frequently used items closer to the front for easy access.

–        Disassemble larger pieces of furniture to save on space (just make sure to collect all screws/brackets/etc. in a safe place), and use correct box sizes to avoid wasted space. Just remember – when packing, don’t make boxes too heavy to carry or move around within the unit.

–        Never leave the unit unlocked and avoid storing valuable such as jewelry in your unit – especially if keeping it on your property – that just invites temptation.

–        Keep perishable food items and plants out of the unit. Kind of a no-brainer, we know, but you might be surprised…

Common Mistakes:

–        Keeping furniture or other items wrapped in plastic is a very common mistake – but one that really should be avoided. Plastic retains moisture and can quickly damage these articles. Instead, use sheets or old blankets to keep items protected from dents and scratches.

–        Storing flammable and combustible items is a big no-no, but people often forget that it isn’t just the containers of these materials themselves that shouldn’t be stored in a unit. Anything that contains these materials (tools, vehicles, etc.) should be emptied prior to storage to prevent leaks or fires.

–        Label all boxes – but not just on one side. Another common mistake is to label just one side of a box but forget about the reasoning behind this when packing, making search and rescue of certain items difficult when they are required.

Avoid damage to or the loss of items in your portable storage unit with this list of sometimes common sense, sometimes common mistakes when it comes to what to do and what not to do.

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