Budget MovingLet’s be honest, moving isn’t cheap, no matter what route you take. If you have purchased a new home, you have already spent a ton on closing costs and real estate fees, so why voluntarily shell out more than you have to. Careful planning ahead of time can save you a lot of money.

Just remember: cheap moving isn’t the same as affordable moving. Cheap often signifies poorer service, and for good reason. But that doesn’t mean that affordable moving is then out of reach or out of your budget. Don’t stress over breaking the bank – use these budget moving tips to save money both before and on moving day.

Packing supplies. It doesn’t matter whether you move yourself or hire a moving company, you are going to need packing supplies – you can’t just carry everything in plastic garbage bags. This might mean a mountain of cardboard boxes or a stack of reusable plastic containers, as well as packing tape. When you start looking for packing supplies, don’t buy as needed – buy in bulk – this will save you on both the supplies and on gas, not to mention time. Also, try to find a company that offers buy-back on unused supplies, as well as a price match guarantee.

Don’t move what you don’t need. Get rid of the junk or donate what you don’t want before the move, rather than after. As you pack, go through and instead of just continuing to hoard those things, get rid of them. Even better, turn that unwanted stuff into cash by holding a pre-moving garage sale. After all, one man’s junk is another’s treasure.

Fragile items. Don’t let moving cost you. Wrap anything breakable in towels or moving blankets. That way you can be sure of safe transport. Really fragile heirlooms? Even if using a moving company, transport these yourself.

Gas. A moving truck that fits everything in one load is going to save you a ton on gas versus several loads and trips with smaller vehicles. It also saves time.

Hiring a reliable moving company can also save you money – just make sure that it isn’t one that you found through advertisements on a lamppost. Make sure that the rates are well explained and that there are no hidden fees, otherwise you might find yourself being held hostage, at the whim of the moving company’s ever-changing rates. Getting everything done in one day, without all of the hassle and back pain, can be a saver in more ways than one.

Don’t get stuck with a huge moving day bill at the end of a move. For more budget moving tips from the experts please call Bradford Moving and Storage today at 1 (800) 263-3281.