7 Random Tips & Tricks for Your Moving Boxes & How to Pack Them

Tips and Tricks for Moving Boxes

We’re willing to bet that one of the first thoughts that most people have when they realize they need moving boxes is: “better start collecting some cardboard boxes from the LCBO”. And it’s a great idea for lots of reasons. 1. LCBO boxes are strong The are designed to keep half a dozen heavyish bottles […]

Pets Find Moving Stressful Too

The stress moving has on pets

Imagine that one day, everyone around you started acting strangely and, suddenly, all the familiar things in your world were being moved or started disappearing. Perhaps most confusingly of all, you didn’t have a clue as to why any of it was happening. If you can picture that scenario, you’d start to get an idea […]

How to Have a Less Stressful Move

Tips for how to have a less stressful move

Think about it. You’re going to pack up everything you own, every stitch of clothing; every knife and fork; every bottle in the wine rack; everything except the kitchen sink; pack them into a truck, drive them to a new place, unload them and put them away again. And that’s going to go perfectly smoothly? […]

5 Tips for Packing Your Glassware for a Move

Tips for packing glassware

If you’ve moved to a new house before, you’ll know that the chances of something being damaged to some extent are fairly high. But, while it might be easy to tolerate a slight scratch on furniture or a wall, if something breaks, it could be very disappointing. Of course, it’s the things that break the […]

How to Learn About a New City, Town or Community Before You Move There

How to learn more about a new place to live

Even if you’ve moved a lot, changing locations is always full of uncertainty. It might even be more difficult for those who have lived to lots of different places because they’ll have their favorites, and their not so favorites, and they’ll be concerned about which side of the equation their new community will fall. If […]

Why An Office Move is Time for More than Just Moving Your Office

Office move

If you’ve ever been in charge of relocating an office, you know what rule #1 one is: there must be little or no effect on the company’s operations.  That’s a short statement that means a very long list of critical “to do’s” must be done before it can happen. As a company that’s moved our […]

5 Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Move

Lower the cost of your move

No one wants to pay any more than they have to for anything. Why would they? Unfortunately, when it comes to moving, moving companies realize that low prices are a great way to get your business. And the nature of the moving business, especially the fact that you don’t hire movers very often, makes it […]

How to Label Your Moving Boxes for an Easier Move

Fragile labelling

Of the bajillion things you need to do to move your belongings, how you label your moving boxes is probably pretty low on the list. Yes, of course you’ll label every box to show what’s in it, or at least what room it should go to, but who cares ‘how’ it’s labelled? But better labeling […]

Why Your Move Isn’t Over When the Movers Leave

Minimize post move stress

It’s been your focus ever since you decided to move – just get to the new home and it will all be over. Only then can you relax and not worry about what you need to do next, and did you remember to change addresses, and what about the dog? But many people who have […]