8 Weeks Before Moving Day

Go through your home and make a list of what needs to stay, be sold, donated, or thrown out.

Determine the date for your move.

Call for an estimate, and show our Moving Consultant the things that need to be packed
and moved.

Discuss if other services are required: packing, storage, un-packing, etc.

Keep all documents and information connected with your move. This information should not be packed away. It will be extremely helpful on moving day.

Gather information from doctors, business associates, clubs, dentists and lawyers in your
new location.

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

Notify your post office of your move. Get your new address and send out change of
address cards.

Arrange to have your utilities disconnected, including telephone, cable, water, gas, and electricity.

Ask the phone company at your destination if service can be connected before arrival.

Ask your bank to transfer your accounts to the branch nearest your new home.

4 Weeks Before Moving Day

Plan a garage sale – this will help get rid of some clutter.

Transfer fire, theft and other insurance to your new location.

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

Have rugs and drapery cleaned. Leave rugs rolled and wrapped.

Prepare a floor plan of new home and make extra copies. This will be useful on “move-in” day.

Plan a moving-away party for children and their friends.

Make sure most of your packing is complete.

Prepare meals between now and moving day. Donate excess canned and frozen foods to the community food bank.

Separate any food, plates, utensils you will need during the last days. Be sure to pack them on moving day.

Make sure all laundry is clean and remember to pick up any dry cleaning.

Organize all of your moving and travel documents as well as valuables you will be taking with you the day of the move.

1 Week Before
Moving Day

Take down all curtains, blinds, shelving units, etc.. Unfasten any fixed carpets that are to
be moved.

Set aside and label items such as luggage that you do not want to be moved.

Pack your car for the move. (Pack items you intend to move yourself).

On Moving Day

Be on hand when the moving crew arrives, or authorize someone in writing to take your place.

All questions should be directed to the driver of the moving crew.

Sign the form at the beginning of the move. This will instruct the crew to begin the move.

Keep all children and pets away from the moving truck. Keep children on a normal routine as much as possible. Set aside a few toys or set up a movie in a quiet room.

Before the crew leaves, take one last walk through to make sure everything has been loaded.

Arriving at Your New Home

If some goods are to be stored, advise the storage facility of the items that need to be stored or removed from your unit.

Confirm that utilities will be connected on time.

Pick up a set of keys (and make copies for you and other people in your home).

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