Insurance Policy

At Bradford Moving & Storage we pride ourselves on having one of the lowest damage rates in the moving industry. We have continual training processes in place to ensure all of our employees learn how damages happen and how to avoid them.

Unfortunately, sometimes damage still occurs. This page explains the details of our insurance policies. If you have experienced damages or other problems with your move please read through the following information carefully before contacting our company.

Our Moving Protection Plans

Bradford Moving & Storage is not an insurance agent. Our Protection Plans are designed to compliment, not replace, your existing coverage. You should always contact your home insurance agent before moving and ask if your existing policy covers “Goods in Transit”. Our Protection plans are not full replacement insurance. Your goods are covered based on their age and condition when we arrive at your current residence.

Our Released Value Plan is included with every move. This covers your goods for a maximum of $.60 per pound per item. The cost of this insurance policy is included in the price of your move. It covers your goods from the moment we arrive at your current home until the moment the truck pulls away from your new residence.

For example, a 100 lb dresser would be covered for up to $60. Obviously this would not replace a new dresser, but it would easily cover any scratch or dent repair required. Our Increased Value Plans offer additional protection for your household goods.

A second option is to purchase a Standard Value Plan at any time before your move commences. Replacement Valuation is based on $3 on every $1,000 of declared value. The maximum liability will be $4.00 per pound per article. A third option is to purchase a Premium Value Plan at any time before your move commences. Premium Valuation is based on $6 on every $1,000 of declared value.

The maximum liability will be $8.00 per pound per article. Please check with your home insurance agent or speak with one of our Customer Service Agents about Third Party Insurance if you need coverage above and beyond ours.

Items Not Covered

Due to the design and/or construction of certain items, company policies, as well as Government Regulations, there are several items which are not covered under our Protection Plans. Bradford Moving & Storage assumes no liability for the following items:

  • Customer Packed Boxes VERY IMPORTANT – In the event that a customer-packed box is lost or destroyed, compensation will be computed based on an average weight of 50 pounds per box, REGARDLESS of actual box contents.
  • Pressboard Furniture – Please disassemble pressboard furniture.
  • Halogen Pole Lamps – Please disassemble and box halogen pole lamps to protect them – always remove bulbs.
  • Live Plants or Perishables – Avoid packing food or plants if at all possible, use open-top boxes or wardrobes for plants.
  • Electronics & Musical Instruments (Internal Mechanisms) – Includes the internal workings of all electronic items such as televisions, stereos, computers, computer accessories and all musical instruments – Please have your electronics and musical instruments professionally prepared for moving beforehand.
  • Unpackaged Glass – Includes glass framed artwork, fish-tanks and tabletops.

Special Consideration for Our Movers

You must inform the driver of the moving van if you will be leaving before the pick-up or delivery is completed.

We Do Not Transport Explosive, Dangerous or Hazardous Materials

This includes propane tanks, oil, paint, gasoline, aerosols, commercial explosives, flammable solvents, fireworks, ammunition, diesel and all materials classified as a biohazard.

If you ship any of these goods without our knowledge you immediately void any and all liability by our company for damages, and you will be held responsible for any damages, fines, warehousing costs, and delays incurred by our company resulting from the transport of these materials.

Moving Checklist graphic

Moving Checklist

Preparing to move? Make your transition stress-free with the handy checklist that Bradford Moving & Storage has prepared for you.