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Facts About Movers and Moving – Are They True or False?

Very few people move often enough to get really familiar with movers and moving. That means there can be a lot of myths and misunderstandings about […]

6 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Move

Whether you’re relocating because of your job, or you want to move closer to family and friends, a long distance move is in your future. If you’ve […]

3 Things to Do Before You Move In

After taking care of everything you needed to look after to sell your previous home, find a new one and somehow close the deal, you’re finally […]

Why Summer is High Season for Moving

While most people are chomping at the bit for summer to arrive, you might not be if you’re planning to move to a new home this […]

3 Ways to Make Your Move More Eco-Friendly

Moving your home or business can be hectic. And when things get hectic, it makes sense to look for the fastest solution to any issues. But […]

5 Packing Supplies You Should Have on Standby

First, if you hire a professional mover, you’re taking a big step towards eliminating any of the ‘surprises’ that give moving your home its reputation for […]

Separating Moving Facts From Fiction

Generally speaking, most people would not move if they didn’t have to. Sure, if you need to upsize or downsize, find a better neighbourhood or relocate […]

3 Things You’ll Likely Forget When Moving

If there’s one thing that doesn’t change from year to year, it’s the stress of moving. There’s no new ‘voice assistant’ who will do it for […]

4 Ways to Make Leaving Your Home Easier

Parting is such sweet sorrow. While those words were uttered by Juliet to the love of her life, Romeo, they’re just as true about leaving your […]

How to Engage Your Employees for a Successful Office Relocation

Relocating your company’s office is unlike any other kind of moving. From planning to unpacking everyone’s individual desk contents, it all must happen with little or […]

3 Big Benefits of Using a Moving Company with Storage Facilities

If you’re moving to a new home, you’re probably overwhelmed with just how much you have to do. And even if you make a decision on […]

7 Tips & Tricks for Your Moving Boxes

We’re willing to bet that one of the first thoughts that most people have when they realize they need moving boxes is: “better start collecting some […]

Pets Find Moving Stressful Too

Imagine that one day, everyone around you started acting strangely and, suddenly, all the familiar things in your world were being moved or started disappearing. Perhaps […]

How to Have a Less Stressful Move

Think about it. You’re going to pack up everything you own, every stitch of clothing; every knife and fork; every bottle in the wine rack; everything […]

5 Tips for Packing Glassware

If you’ve moved to a new house before, you’ll know that the chances of something being damaged to some extent are fairly high. But, while it […]

Learning About a New Town Before Your Move

Even if you’ve moved a lot, changing locations is always full of uncertainty If it’s any consolation for those making a move to another city, it’s […]

An Office Move is Time for More than Just Moving Your Office

If you’ve ever been in charge of relocating an office, you know what rule #1 one is: there must be little or no effect on the […]

5 Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Move

No one wants to pay any more than they have to for anything. Why would they? Unfortunately, when it comes to moving, moving companies realize that […]

How To Label Your Moving Boxes For An Easier Move

Of the bajillion things you need to do to move your belongings, how you label your moving boxes is probably pretty low on the list. Yes, […]

Why Your Move Isn’t Over When the Movers Leave

It’s been your focus ever since you decided to move – just get to the new home and it will all be over. Only then can […]

How to Avoid Being the Victim of Moving Scams

For lots of obvious reasons, summer is the most popular season for moving to a new home or office in Canada. The high demand means that, […]

Things You Don’t Need to Pack for Your Move

If there is one thing that most people are surprised by when they start packing for a move to a new home, it is just how […]

How to Help Your Movers Help You Move

Hold on just a second. Help your movers? Isn’t that why you hired a moving company in the first place? So they can help you move? […]

Has the Red-Hot Real Estate Stopped You from Moving?

As a homeowner, you’re no doubt been hearing about the ongoing record increases in home prices across Toronto and the GTA. What many homeowners don’t realize […]

The 2 Most Important Tips to Stage Your Home Inside and Out

Is this it? Has the housing market in the Greater Toronto Area reached its peak? Should you sell now in case prices start to go down? […]

5 Ways to Make it a ‘Safety-First’ Move

If you’ve done your share of moving house, you’ll either have suffered an injury, a broken piece of furniture, or something even worse, at some point […]

Get in Shape to Have a Better Moving Day

Of the millions of things you need to look after before your move, extra exercise is probably not on your list. But, if you don’t regularly […]

7 Tips for Cleaning Your New Home Before You Move In

There’s a reason that people say moving is one of the most stressful life events. It seems to be never-ending. Can you even remebr when you […]

There’s More Storage Space in Your Home Than You Think

Outgrowing the size of a house is a major reason given for wanting or needing to move to a new home. And while that ‘growth’ comes […]

3 Ways to Avoid Renting a Storage Unit

Yes, the actual survival of our business here at Vault Self Storage depends on us renting-out storage units. So why would we tell you how to […]

Being a Good Neighbour Starts Before You Move In

Of all the ‘to-do’ lists you ever make in your life, those you put together if and when you move to a new home will be […]

Why Your Home Should Always be in ‘Move-In’ Condition

It’s well known that moving to a new home is one of the most stressful things you do in life. It can stress you out just […]

Tips for Making the Most out of your Storage Unit

Are you planning on moving soon? Then you might want to consider using a storage unit to help you when you move. Storage units are a […]

Don’t Annoy Your Neighbours When You Move

You probably don’t live in a cabin in the woods all on your own. That means that you have neighbours, possibly on all sides of your […]

Moving with Teens

Imagine being forced to leave the home that you know so well. You have to leave your friends, family and the life you built behind to […]

Tips for Easing your Pet’s Move

Pets are part of the family. Your pet is just as attached to your home as you are. Moving is as stressful for your pet as […]

Dealing with Moving Stress

Are you stressed out because of a move? Don’t despair: you are not alone. Most people find moving one of the most stressful things that they […]

Use That Garage for More than Car Storage

Are you planning on moving in the near future? Then you might be looking for ways to reduce the stress of your move. Planning a move […]

Apps to Help you Move

Technology is everywhere.  Why not leverage that technology to help out with your move?  There are plenty of free apps for both Android and iOS that […]

Cut Down the Time on Your Move

Moving takes a lot of planning and time; it must in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Many times a move takes much more time […]

Moving on Little or No Money

Many people move for the chance at better opportunities. That might mean that where they are at isn’t as lucrative as it needs to be in […]

The Couch is Too Big!

Moving day is almost done.  All the boxes are in, the beds are in the bedrooms ready to be assembled, the table is in the dining […]

Handy Moving and Packing Supplies

Packing up all of your things to move is stressful and time consuming. As with any job there are ways to make the task easier. Planning […]

Let Us Handle It – Moving Advice from the Professionals

You hired professional movers for a reason. You want them to handle your move for you and trust them to get the job done. In your […]

Ways to Make Money During Your Move

You probably assume, and rightly so, that moving is going to cost you some money. While there are inherent costs involved in moving, you may find […]

Moving Out Checklist

There are a lot of things to remember when you are moving out of one home and into another. Having a checklist of things that you […]

Packing Up Your Bathroom for a Move

The best way to have a move go smoothly is to make sure to do plenty of planning. This means organizing everything that you are going […]

Tips for Moving Your Valuables

Are you planning on boxing up all of the things you are going to move in order to save a few dollars? It may seem like […]

Organize for a Smoother Move

If you are planning a move, then you know that there are a lot of parts to moving. Timing everything to happen just as you need […]

Are You Ready for Climate Change?

No, we aren’t talking about global warming (or cooling) but what happens when you move from one climate to another one. You may not be thinking […]

Use Temporary Housing for Gaps in Moving Schedules

Sometimes you just can’t get the schedules to match up. You need to move for a job or for family reasons, but you just don’t have a […]

Avoid These Moving Mistakes

If you have never moved before, then you may be looking for some advice on what to avoid when moving.  Even if you have moved before, […]

Make Packing Simple

Packing is the most time consuming part of any move. There are many common mistakes that can be made during packing that will lead to issues […]

What to Wear on Moving Day

They say the clothes make the person. While that may only be partly true, what you wear on moving day can be very important. You want […]

Holiday Safety Tips for Your New Home

So you worked really hard to get into your new home before the holidays. Before congratulating yourself with a job well done, you may be out […]

What to Do with Those Moving Boxes Afterwards

There are few things more important during a move than your moving boxes. They are what you spend so much time looking at, thinking about and […]

Don’t Forget These Important Moving Day Items

You have a lot to do when you are planning your Newmarket move. Finding a new home, packing the old home, getting the dates and the […]

Moving Your Collections

Are you a collector? It doesn’t matter if it is records, baseball cards, wine or swords because we all have that one thing we like to […]

Moving Truck Rental 101

What is the one thing that most people need when they are planning their move? A moving truck, of course! If this is the first time […]

Tips on Moving to a Smaller Home

Are you moving to a smaller space? While moving is never particularly easy, it can be a real challenge if you are looking to downsize. Moving […]

Self-Storage Services Can Help Sell Your Home

You may think of self-storage services as the place that you go to after your home is sold and you need to keep your things while […]

Getting Started with your Self-Storage Unit

Are you new to renting a self-storage unit? Then you might be looking for some tips or hints on the best way to go about storing […]

Self-Storage for Vehicles

When moving, sometimes self storage can be an afterthought; or you might only be thinking about items that don’t fit in your house like a TV, […]

Tips for Driving the Moving Truck

Unless it is your every day job, odds are you have never driven a truck as large as the one that you just loaded every single […]

Moving Truck Accessories for your Georgina Move

If you are considering a do-it-yourself move, then you will probably be renting a moving truck or van to get the job done. While that is […]

Arrangements and Organization for Moving Day

Your moving day is going to come up on your faster than you suspect. You are going to want to make sure that your Aurora move […]

Protect your Old Home on Moving Day

When you are moving out, it is easy to focus on your new home and all of the things that it is going to need. Don’t […]

Things to Remember when Moving to a New City

Moving across town is challenging. Moving to an entirely new city can be stressful. There is a lot to remember during your Georgina move; the timing […]

Making a Newmarket Move with Senior Citizens Stress-Free

Are you a senior who is looking to do a Newmarket move or possibly looking to assist your parents in their move? While any move can […]

Tips for the First Time Move

Moving out of Mom and Dad’s house when you went off to college might have been an emotional move towards independence, but it likely wasn’t a […]

Why Fall is a Great Time to Move

If you are looking to move and have control over when you can do it then you might want to consider moving in the fall. There […]

Tips to Prevent Theft During Your Move

Moving involves having your items scattered over at least two homes, cars and trucks. Even a short New Tecumseth move might mean having several people who […]

What to Do with Unwanted Furniture

When you are planning your Aurora move, you may end up finding out that you can’t take everything with you. Whether it is because you are […]

Costs to Consider When Planning Your Move Budget

Planning a Georgina move is a pretty involved process.  One of the most important things is planning your budget.  There are many things you are going […]

Should You Let Us Do the Packing for You?

If you are looking for Georgina movers it might not occur to you that movers can do more than just pick up and carry your items […]

Pre-gaming Your Packing

You may have never considered this, but there might be some things you can do before your Aurora movers show up to pack your boxes for […]

What Your Movers Won’t Move

If you are looking to move, then you may be considering hiring movers. While handling your Richmond Hill move, you may be surprised to find that […]

Make Your Move Easier

Moving is a complicated process. You should be looking for any way to make it easier on you and the people who are going to be […]

Choosing the Right Moving Truck

Every do-it-yourself move requires the use of a truck. This means trying to figure out what truck is the right size for your move. Choose too […]

Moving the Outdoors

If you are planning a move and have a deck, patio or yard, then you most likely have belongings that live on the outside. While moving […]

Moving the Safe Way!

Moving is hard enough without having to deal with injuries to you or the people helping you move. Fortunately, if you take the right precautions and […]

Moving the Big Boys: Appliances 101

So the big moving day is coming and you walk around your house looking at your appliances with a sense of unease. Just how are you […]

Moving Your Wine Cellar

You spend a lot of time on building your wine collection. When it comes time to move, remember that you are going to need to handle […]

5 Tips for Moving Into Storage

Moving into storage is a great solution for those who will be relocating short term or for people who do not have the needed space for […]

How to Have a Smooth Long Distance Move

From finding a new home to saying goodbye to your most cherished people, long distance moves are often mentally, emotionally and physically difficult. Not only must […]

Moving to the Cloud: Office Storage Solutions for Old Files and Hardware

It is undeniable – technology has transformed our lives; the way we communicate, stay connected, do business, etc., are all impacted by each new tech invention. […]

Valentine’s Day Tips for Moving in Together

It is the season of love and this week we thought we’d focus on the lovers with a post to help make life a little easier […]

Furniture Friendly Self Storage – A Few Reminders

So you’ve decided to downsize your home or move into a house with someone else, but what are you going to do with that furniture that […]

Moving and Packing: Tips for Packing and Storing Fragile Items

When you are getting ready to move, those common questions can be major stress inducers: who will do the moving, what are you taking and what […]

Unpacking Like a Pro: Home Organization Tips

It happens gradually; you accumulate little things as you go along, whether on your own or as gifts, and before you know it your house is […]

Self-Storage Solutions: Storing Holiday Décor Once the Fun is Over

There are lots of reasons why people rent storage units. Moving often necessitates extra space, both during and after a move, and so many people rent […]

Moving Tips Series: Moving Your Kitchen

Last month in part 2 of our moving tips series we took a look at moving your bedroom – one of the rooms that takes a […]

Happy Holidays from Bradford Moving and Storage!

It is that time of year again! The turkey is waiting in the freezer, and all the fixings are ready for the table. Friends and family […]

Setting the Stage: Staging a Home on a Budget

When you are thinking about selling your home, there are a number of different things to consider – one of the most important being how to […]

Storing Electronics: Tips and Tricks To Keep Things Ticking

Electronics are sensitive items, and whether you are a packrat who refuses to get rid of anything or are just keeping certain pieces for use in […]

Moving Tips Series: Moving Your Bedroom

A few weeks ago we tackled the smallest room in your house in part 1 of our moving tips series – the bathroom – and today […]

Know Before the Snow: Winter Storage Solutions

Winter is here, and after last week’s post about making room in the garage for your car, we thought we’d offer up some further advice about […]

Winter Parking: Making Room in the Garage with a Storage Unit

We are into the second week of November, and that means the cold weather and snow is officially getting ready to settle in. That means cold […]

Moving Tips Series: Moving Your Bathroom

Your bathroom, or bathrooms, are probably the smallest rooms in your house, and likely the rooms you consider least when it comes to moving, as they […]

Portable Storage Solutions for the Winter Months

With winter just around the corner perhaps you’ve taken the time to clear out the backyard in reparation for the coming snow, or maybe you’ve tackled […]

Moving Company Horror Stories Just in Time for Halloween

We’ve all heard them; those horror stories about people moving and having to deal with an array of issues that culminate in skyrocketing additional costs, missing […]

No Winter Tires Needed: Winter Vehicle Storage Tips

Winter is coming…the days are getting shorter and shorts and t-shirts have quickly become a thing of the past. We may not have broken out the […]

Home Storage Solutions: Adding More Space to Your Home

We’ve all dealt with it – the inevitable “I need more space” conundrum that often ends in a garage sale or trip to the dump or […]

Fall Clean Out – Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Summer is officially over and that means that the warm weather is soon to be behind us. And sure, typically springtime is when most of us […]

Budget Moving: The Essentials

Let’s be honest, moving isn’t cheap, no matter what route you take. If you have purchased a new home, you have already spent a ton on […]

Common Sense or Common Mistakes? The Dos and Don’ts of Portable Storage Containers

Ok, so you’ve rented a portable storage unit (or are thinking about renting one) and are getting ready to fill it up. What is going in […]

Safe Self-Storage for Storing Your Antiques

Many of us have those special items in our homes that have sentimental value, and many others spend significant amounts of money obtaining valuable pieces of […]

Back to School Moving Tips: Dorm Room Checklist

Small space, big change – dorm room living can be both very exciting and incredibly tough. Being away from home for the first time is exhilarating, […]

Portable Storage FAQ – Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to portable storage, sometimes you have questions. We get that. So in an effort to answer some of those questions, here are the […]

What are You Going to Move? Self Storage Downsizing Options

Moving to a smaller home or to an apartment? Stressed about how you are going to fit all of your belongings into the new home or […]

Protect Your Stuff: Avoiding Moving Day Theft

We all know how stressful moving day can be: boxes everywhere, people in and out, worrying about setting up the new house, etc., can make it […]

Beat the Heat During a Summer Move with These Moving Tips

Many people will tell you that the worst time to move is in the summer. Especially in Ontario, it can be impossible to predict just what […]

Corporate Business Solutions: Self-Storage Units

Whether you own a small business or a major corporation, space can always present a challenge, no matter what you are trying to store. When it […]

Portable Storage: 4 Pics One Word

When you are trying to sell your home, we all know how important it is to set the stage and present your home as well as […]

Portable Storage Units: The Dos and Don’ts

Sometimes we all need a little extra space. When it comes to taking advantage of that extra space and packing portable storage units, some things are […]

Dollars and Sense: Saving on Moving and Storage Costs

Moving can be expensive, no matter how you go about doing it. So why not try and save money as much as possible throughout this hectic […]

Take Home Toolshed: Portable Storage During Home Renovations

We all know that once renovations commence, your house looks more like a construction zone that a humble abode. Furniture is likely hoarded into one corner […]

Cracking Down on Criminals – Getting a Moving Company You Can Trust

When it comes to finding a reliable company to get a certain job done, it is getting harder and harder these days to know where to […]

Save, Toss, Store – De-cluttering Before Moving Day

Moving day is coming up, and you are currently working your way through your current home and packing up everything that you own. Wait – why […]

Moving Day Tips: Creating a Pre-Move Floor Plan

The house is sold and the closing date is set. It is time to set about readying your current house for a move. For some, this […]

Horror Versus Harmony: Moving Company Stories to Learn From

Moving can be a pain. This is no surprise to anyone. That being said, there are ways to avoid headache and additional stress and make the […]

The Exciting World of Packing Supplies – Know Before You Go

Ok, it is getting down to the wire – moving day is right around the corner. Don’t get stuck packing at the last minute with things […]

Be Prepared: Checklist for Moving Day

Moving day is always a hectic one – people running back and forth between the house and the truck, between the truck and the house, organizing […]

Is Your Homework Done? Choosing Reliable Portable Storage

A few weeks ago we talked about the numerous uses a portable storage unit has – some common, some that perhaps you hadn’t really thought about […]

5 Tips on How to Destroy Furniture On or Before Moving Day

So moving day is just around the corner and you are getting ready to pack that moving truck with your possessions in preparation for transport. Don’t […]

Crash, Bang, Boom…Oops. Is Your Moving Company Insured? Are You?

It is often not surprising to open a box after a move to find something has been dinged or damaged during transportation. Even if you pack […]

Avoid Being Held Hostage – Can You Trust Your Moving Company?

So your closing date is upon you and you’ve contracted a moving company for the always enjoyable transport of goods from one home to another. Prices […]

Avoiding Storage Wars Canada

We’ve all seen it – or at least heard of it – Storage Wars Canada, the incredibly popular show that sees storage hunters head to a […]

First Time Homebuyers – Avoid Moving Day Disasters

Buying your first home is usually a very exciting experience. It can also be overwhelming. You’re entering the property owning world, but this is coupled with […]

Toronto Moving Company: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

Getting ready to move? There are a ton of things to think about before you get set to pick up the keys – and one of […]

New Year – New Outlook. Clean Up with Portable Storage

This time of year it is hard to avoid the all-too-common New Year’s resolution conversation. Losing weight, saving money, new career, etc. are the common responses […]

Winter Moving Tips

Winter Moving Tips The winter season is quickly upon us. As the winds get colder and the snow begins to fall, the more we choose to […]

Prepare Children For A Move

Prepare Children For A Move When preparing for a move we often get caught up in the large details of the move such as moving trucks, […]

How To Tell Your Boss You Are Moving

So how do you tell your boss that you’re moving? If you’re moving for a job, a relationship or any other reason you’re going to have […]

3 Things You Need To Know About Winter Storage

Not to quote the Stark House from Game of Thrones, but winter is coming. With the cold and wet weather on its way, it’s important that […]

Winter Moving 101: What You Need To Know About Winter Relocation

How to Move in Cold Weather If you’re planning a winter move, there are a couple things you’ll definitely want to know before doing so. But […]

8 Tips For Packing A Portable Storage Unit

Need Help Packing A Portable Storage Unit? Packing a portable storage unit can be a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. It’s like playing […]

Moving In With A Roommate

Moving In With A Roommate Moving in with a friend always seems like a great idea because you get to be with your friends all the […]

3 Awesome Uses Of Mobile Storage

Mobile storage has been used throughout history to accomplish many great feats. It also has been used in many films to produce awesome results. So, what […]

5 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Picking a real estate agent can be more stressful than picking your next home at times. If you don’t have a real estate agent already, then […]

5 T.V. Characters Who Could Of Used Mobile Storage

So we were sitting around, catching up on all our favourite TV shows, when we came to thinking…Which TV characters could have really benefited from using […]

Preparing For Winter

Preparing For Winter The winter season is quickly approaching, and it is time to say goodbye to the long days of sun and say hello to […]

How to Prepare For a Fall Move

Here are some useful tips for moving during the Fall. Fall is for most people the beautiful time of year. It offers mild temperatures and beautiful […]

Avoid Moving Mistakes With These 5 Tips

Avoid Moving Stress With These 5 Tips It is easy to overlook some things when you are preparing for a move. Some things you feel you […]

4 Tips For Moving In With Your Spouse

4 Tips For Moving In With Your Spouse The time comes for all of us when we need to move out of our bachelor apartment or […]

5 Essential Items To Prepare For A Move

5 Essential Items To Prepare For A Move People usually never know where to begin packing when preparing to move to a new home. We usually […]

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