Storage Wars CanadaWe’ve all seen it – or at least heard of it – Storage Wars Canada, the incredibly popular show that sees storage hunters head to a lot in the hopes of striking gold. Sure the entertainment value is there for viewers watching as bidders battle for each unit, but what about those people whose stuff it up there on the auction block?

Legally, storage companies are only required to give a customer 60 days before an unpaid unit is sold to the highest bidder. Many companies do follow this practice, seeing the law as a measurement to stick by when it comes to customers who have missed a few monthly payments – but they are not required to. Not all companies see that 2 month mark on the calendar as a chance to make some quick cash.

Of course when you first rent a storage unit and move your stuff in it may not seem likely that a few months down the road you won’t be able to make the payments. However, things happen, and what seemed unlikely may become reality – so what are you supposed to do then? No matter what is in that unit, be it a vehicle, precious keepsakes, furniture, or even just extra stuff that’s hanging around while you renovate, it is in there for a reason: you don’t want to get rid of it.

Here are some things to think about:

Is the storage company a long-standing, family run business? This is often a good indication that they will conduct themselves compassionately. A company with a solid background knows that you can’t just stand by a rule without bending sometimes.

Choose a company that has a reputation for flexibility. If you know that you are going to miss a payment, or have already missed one, are you able to call and speak with a decision maker? Is that individual going to listen to your situation with empathy or are they just going to reiterate the fact that 2 months is the legal marker and therefore there is nothing they can do? Taking your individual situation and circumstances into account when making decisions is crucial – make sure that this is how your storage company operates.

Don’t let your stuff end up on an episode of Storage Wars Canada – choose a family run company that has a reputation for compassion and flexibility. Legal versus practice is a very important marker. Even though the typical grace period is 60 days doesn’t make it right – and nothing typical is ever considered outstanding.

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