If you have never moved before, then you may be looking for some advice on what to avoid when moving.  Even if you have moved before, you might need to be reminded of those lessons that you learned during a previous move and had forgotten.  Either way, here are some major mistakes to avoid when you are planning a move.

Packing Prohibited Items

There are some things that you are not legally allowed to move.  There are also some things that your movers are not able to move.  These are typically things that are found under your sink or in your garage.  If it is a questionable chemical, check to make sure it is not on the list before you pack it.

Forgetting Labels

It is really hard to figure out where a blank cardboard box came from or where it is supposed to go.  Make sure that before you seal up your boxes with packing tape that you have clearly labeled each one.  Try to include a list on the inside flap that has the contents as well.  This makes moving easier and unpacking as well.

Miscalculating the Budget

If you have $1000 for your move and your movers give you a quote of $1000, you are going to be in big trouble.  You need to make sure that you leave room for things like gas money, food, tolls and taxes.  Give your move budget plenty of margin in order to have enough money for things that might pop up at the last minute.

Not Taking Measurements

You made sure to measure the stairwell at your new home to make sure that your king sized box spring can make the turn at the top, didn’t you?  If you didn’t, you may end up having a rough time getting your things into the rooms that you want them in.  Make sure to measure all of your larger items as well as the doorways and the hallways that you are going to have to move them through to ensure that they will fit where you want them to fit.

Over-Packing Boxes

It may seem counter-intuitive, but small boxes are for heavy things and big boxes are for light things.  Why?  Fill a large box with books and see how difficult it is to get that thing up to your office on the second floor.  Remember not to make boxes too heavy so that they are manageable to carry.


Just because you have the budget doesn’t mean that you need to spend it.  Boxes and packing materials can often be found for free at grocery stores.  Don’t spend when you don’t have to; you can probably use that money elsewhere.  You may be amazed at what you can find with a little time and scrounging effort.

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