Your moving day is going to come up on your faster than you suspect. You are going to want to make sure that your Aurora move is going to go as smoothly as possible. This means proper organization and planning of your move. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure that your moving day goes as easily and smoothly as it possibly can.

Don’t Wait to Prep

You don’t want to be spending moving day doing things that could have easily been done ahead of time. This generally means all the things associated with packing. Make sure that you don’t wait until moving day to finish up your packing and get you boxes ready to go out the door. Proper packing takes time and a rush job usually means broken items.

If you are going to be cleaning up after your Aurora movers get everything out of the house, make sure to leave your cleaning supplies unpacked. This will help you avoid a last minute trip to the grocery store to get cleaning products in the midst of everything else.

Don’t forget the Kids

You are going to be busy on moving day. This means spending time with Aurora movers to ensure things are packed and loaded properly, handling any other help you might have for your move or coordinating friends and family who are helping. You probably won’t have time for the kids as well. If you can have the kids stay with a relative or hire a sitter to keep them occupied so you can keep your focus on the task of moving.

Manage your Movers

Movers like Bradford Moving are professionals. They have done this thousands of times, but every move is different. That means that they are going to need your help in ensuring that your specific move goes well. Help them out by keeping your pets from getting underfoot. Snacks and refreshments are also a great way to ensure that they stay hydrated and full of energy. Make sure that the inventory sheet you have matches up to theirs and that the address and directions for delivery are all correct.

Check the Traffic

Sitting stuck in a traffic jam as your moving truck burns up gas and can drive stress levels through the roof. Avoid this by checking the traffic before you pull out with the truck. If you need to plan an alternate route using backroads, remember that your moving truck is large. Some smaller roads may be difficult to navigate in it, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the area. Make sure to err on the side of caution and stay away from routes where your truck may not be able to tread.

Remember to hire the best Aurora movers in the business: Bradford Moving. We can help you get any move done big or small and reduce your stress as well. Contact us today for a quote on your move.

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