Moving into storage is a great solution for those who will be relocating short term or for people who do not have the needed space for their belongings in their current home. There are many different sizes and types of storage units to meet the needs of all who live within Ontario and the surrounding areas.

Many people find that moving into a storage unit is not much different than packing to relocate. The task can be very stressful, especially if you are dealing with time restrictions. Here are 5 tips for moving into storage to help you decrease your stress levels and get the job done successfully.

1. Take Inventory

Go through every item that you will be moving into storage and record the information on an inventory sheet. Label your boxes with numbers and write down the number of the box in which the item can be found. This inventory sheet can help you with choosing the right size unit as well as keeping things organized for quick retrieval.

2. Get the Right Size

Your storage company is there to help; be sure to get their assistance when selecting the size of the unit that you will need for your belongings. People store things of all shapes and sizes. Nice vehicles, collections of jewelry and entire households can all be found at storage facilities.

The average two bedroom household can fit nicely into a 10×15 storage unit. Selecting the wrong size will be unnecessary stress. Be sure that you use your inventory and get help from the storage facility managers to select the best unit for your items.   

3. Take Apart Furniture

If you have furniture that can be easily taken apart, doing so can increase available space within your unit and make the pieces much easier to store. Many dining tables, chairs and living room furniture can be disassembled to make moving and storage simple on the owner. 

4. Invest in Protection

Mattresses, headboards, televisions and dining tables are all examples of items that can be easily damaged during a move or while stored. Be sure to invest in protective covers for your mattresses and furniture. Televisions can be placed in protective casings to insure that they are not damaged. If you do not have insurance to protect your personal property while it is stored, be sure to make the investment. Consider placing your items in a climate controlled unit to insure that your things are kept safe from extreme temperatures and humidity. 

5. Hire a Professional Moving Company

The best way to make sure that your belongings are packed and stored properly is to hire a professional moving company. Employees of a moving company are capable of packing your things quickly in a way that will keep the items safe for extended periods. Professionals can also help to keep your items organized and will be able to move any large furniture. A simple phone call can greatly decrease your stress and make your move into storage simple. 

Bradford Moving and Storage are professionals in the moving and storing industry. As Ontario’s top moving company, your satisfaction is important. For more information on storing your belongings, visit our self-storage page.

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