Picking a real estate agent can be more stressful than picking your next home at times. If you don’t have a real estate agent already, then how are you supposed to pick one? You see names and faces all over bus stops, billboards and lawn signs; but does this mean the agent is credible?

If you’re looking to move to Ontario or anywhere for that matter; there are certain questions you should ask before hiring a real estate agent to help you buy/sell a home.

1. How many clients have you served this year?

This is important. You want to make sure your potential real estate agent has had some recent sales. This will mean they are up to date with market trends.

2. How many sales have you done in my targeted area?

You’re going to want to seek out a real estate agent who has conducted business in your area before. This familiarity with the area will mean they have a better understanding of pricing in your neighbourhood, and recent deals that have taken place.

3. Who else will be working with me?

The agents you see on bus signs often operate with a team below them. Ask your potential agent, if he/she will be working with you the majority of the time or if someone else will take the workload? You want to make sure the agent you seek out and give business too is the actual agent performing the sale of your house.

4. Can I have references from your last three deals?

Just like with moving reviews, your real estate agent should be able to show you references from their last three customers. Ask to speak with someone they just served; they will be able to shed light on how the real estate agent performs business.

5. Will you be assisting me with arranging a house inspection, securing a lawyer, and finding a suitable mortgage?

Though not essential, most reputable real estate agents will assist you with setting up all of the other nuances when it comes to moving into your new place. This will make moving locally, or long distance much less of a headache.

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