Not to quote the Stark House from Game of Thrones, but winter is coming.

With the cold and wet weather on its way, it’s important that weigh in on your decisions regarding winter storage and winter storage units. Things such as barbeques, muskoka chairs, boats, etc., should all be handled with care. You’ll want these items to be the same shape you left them when next summer comes around. Thus, here are the three things you need to know about winter storage to ensure your items stay in great shape.

1. Make sure it’s water-proof

Make sure where you choose to store your belongings is water-proof. You don’t want any moisture creating mold or rust and wrecking any of your belongings. We use galvanized steel to avoid this; make sure your storage provider has something similar.

2. Security is a must

If you vacation during the winter, you’ll want to make sure your belongings are in good hands. Find a storage provider which has 24-hour security and locked facilities. This will put you at ease knowing everything is safe and sound.

3. Accessibility

Make sure that the provider you choose provides you with accessibility to your unit. You may need to add or take things away from the storage unit after it’s been packed.

If you’re looking for a portable storage unit, feel free to contact us.

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