Things You Don’t Need to Pack for Your Move

Things you don't need to pack

If there is one thing that most people are surprised by when they start packing for a move to a new home, it is just how much stuff they have. Especially when downsizing, what to do with all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years becomes a major chore by itself. While renting a self-storage […]

How to Help Your Movers Help You Move

Labelling your boxes helps movers

Hold on just a second. Help your movers? Isn’t that why you hired a moving company in the first place? So they can help you move? Why should you help them? First, the real reason anyone hires professional movers isn’t so much to reduce their workload, but to do everything they can to make sure […]

Has the Red-Hot Real Estate Stopped You from Moving?

Real estate prices preventing moving

As a homeowner, you’re no doubt been hearing about the ongoing record increases in home prices across Toronto and the GTA. What many homeowners don’t realize is just how enduring this bullish real estate market really is. Except for a brief correction in late 2008 and early 2009, housing prices have increased steadily at a […]

The 2 Most Important Tips to Stage Your Home Inside and Out

Staging your house

Is this it? Has the housing market in the Greater Toronto Area reached its peak? Should you sell now in case prices start to go down? Unfortunately, no one can give you reliable answers to those questions. But whether you’re trying to time the sale of your home to market conditions (good luck!) or you […]

5 Ways to Make it a ‘Safety-First’ Move

Disassembling furniture

If you’ve done your share of moving house, you’ll either have suffered an injury, a broken piece of furniture, or something even worse, at some point in time. But that doesn’t mean we should take it for granted that, during a move, something will get damaged or someone will get hurt It’s not that difficult […]

Get in Shape to Have a Better Moving Day

Heavy moving

Of the millions of things you need to look after before your move, extra exercise is probably not on your list. But, if you don’t regularly workout or you’re not overly active day-to-day, the sudden stresses you place o yourself on moving day can, at best, leave you with a bunch of sore, aching muscles. […]

7 Tips for Cleaning Your New Home Before You Move In

Cleaning supplies for your apartment

There’s a reason that people say moving is one of the most stressful life events. It seems to be never-ending. Can you even remebr when you began your house-hunting? And now you’ve gone though it all; all the lawyers, all the agents, all the open houses, and all the bids. You’ve closed the deal on […]

There’s More Storage Space in Your Home Than You Think

Extra kitchen storage space

Outgrowing the size of a house is a major reason given for wanting or needing to move to a new home. And while that ‘growth’ comes in the form of extra family members, who will undeniably need more living space, very often people will move at least in part due to the fact that they […]

3 Things that Aren’t as Easy to Move as You Think

Moving plants is difficult

So you need to move house. Yes, you know it’s going to be stressful, but you’re doing everything you can to make it less so. You’re hiring a great moving company (hint: you’re reading their blog right now!!!), and you’re preparing well before the move. But, as we’ve said before, sometimes the worst part of […]

Being a Good Neighbour Starts Before You Move In

Welcoming neighbour

Of all the ‘to-do’ lists you ever make in your life, those you put together if and when you move to a new home will be among the longest. Including everything, from real estate agents, renovations, lawyers, new schools, house inspections, and paint colours, just to name a brief few, it can be almost impossible […]